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Democratizing the 3D Experience for Everyone!​

Twinn is reimagining the future of design & décor with an end-to-end ecosystem for interior design and product visualization.

Elevating experiences with Immersive 3D

For ​Interior Designers

Configuration, Design & Visualization of Interior Spaces in 3D.​
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For Manufacturers, Distributors,
Retailers & End Consumers

Product Visualization in Immersive 3D interior scenes and preferred styles.​
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How it started?

Unravelling Complexities
in Interior Design​

The complexities in interior design emerge from the diverse design elements, client expectations, technical considerations, and project logistics to deliver design and build successfully.​

The 3 Cs of Interior Design Process

Capture Interiors

The Status Quo​​

  • Comprehensive measurements of interior structure
  • Recording error-free nuanced dimensions
  • Collect reference photos of layout
  • Creating scaled 3D models

The Persisting Pain​

  • Tedious & time-consuming manual process
  • Prone to data errors & scaling inaccuracies causing repeat visits​
  • Skill-dependence on complex 3D software​

The 3D Capture Disruption​

  • Always available 3D twins with Spatial Vision AI​

  • Scan to Design-ready 3D model in minutes

  • Highly accurate measurements with LiDAR

  • Easy-to-use with No Skill Pre-requisites

Create Brilliant Designs

The Status Quo​​

  • Create 3D Models using collected measurements

  • Structural components creation & space planning using 2D layouts​

  • Photorealistic 3D renders of design variants

The Persisting Pain​

  • Complex tools for 3D design​

  • Gaps in 2D layouts and 3D designs​

  • Scaling issues & format limitations​

  • Material & Lighting constraints​

  • Long rendering hours for all design & modifications

The Gamification of Design

  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface for 3D Design​

  • Accurate structure for design & edit with 3D Digital Twinn

  • Plan, design & export of spaces in 2D & 3D ​

  • Extensive library of material, lighting & 3D assets​

  • Real-time Photorealistic feedback without render​

  • Superfast ultra high-quality Renders upto 8K

Collaborate to Deliver

The Status Quo​​

  • Collaboration with different teams, suppliers, and clients for delivery​

  • Project process derived from experience & client’s custom need​

  • Design, communication, cost and change management

The Persisting Pain​

  • Use of scattered tools for organizing activities & collaboration​
  • Cumbersome project & task management tools​
  • Misalignment in design & execution​

  • Project-ending calculation headaches​


The Purpose-built Solution

  • All-in-one solution for Collaboration & Design Business Management​
  • Project Management System with Pre-mapped Interior Design Project Lifecycle​
  • Built-in Moodboard with Powerful Generative AI ​
  • Source products online easily and Synchronize Design & Build​
  • Easily build Estimates on-the-go​

Twinn Vision

Expanding Immersive 3D Innovation & Experience

From the World of Interior Design

To the broader Décor Ecosystem of Manufacturers, Distributors & Retailers

Advanced Product Visualizations in Immersive 3D
Unlimited display space with centralized online catalog for all your products​
Enhance product views and conversions and save inventory display & damages costs​
Elevate purchase experiences with harmonies created from across multiple product categories​